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Transcord Community Transport

Driving the community closer

Transcord can Assist and Provide Affordable Options to help with Independent Travel

Transcord provides a service that allows people to live a more independent life, particularly those who find it unsafe to drive due to health conditions or are experiencing social isolation.

Transcord is the Gold Coast’s premier supplier of quality affordable door to door shared transport for anyone over the age of 18 years and transport disadvantaged.

• We offer personalised and caring support

• Dedicated drivers and volunteer assistance

• QLD transport accredited drivers

• Door to door transport

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Transcord is a not-for profit organisation that provides quality transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities, aiming to remove transportation as a barrier and improve access to medical appointments, social events, and day-to-day tasks.

Transport Support Services

Transport for clients over 65

  • Residents of Gold Coast over 65 years
  • Approved by My Aged Care

Transport for clients under 65

  • Residents of Gold Coast over the age of 18 and under 65


  • Gold Coast citizens under 65 years
  • Approved by NDIS

Non-Funded Clients

  • Providing non-subsidised trips at a competitive price to all areas of the Gold Coast

Transcord Social Program

  • Making meaningful connections and enjoy a few laughs with like minded people


  • Developing skills and gaining experience
  • Giving back to the community
  • Reach out to us!

Transcord Aims and Objectives

Our Vision

To facilitate the sustainable provision and development of needs based transport services to the community thereby enhancing quality of life for our clients.

Our Mission

To support and enable independent living for our clients through the provision of a high quality direct transport service that is accessible and relevant to their needs.

Our Values

  • Provide Quality and affordable Community Transport Services.
  • Enable Safety and Wellbeing.
  • Support independent living and reduce Social isolation.
  • Open communication with our clients, volunteers and staff.
  • Advocate and promote Continuous Improvement to meet future Community Transport needs.

Quality Assurance and Quality Management System Certification

Transcord transport services Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standard and our performance is assessed against the Home Care Standards by the Quality Agency.

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